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Ron Bergman

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Historic Kingsburg Jail

Self guided and open every day of the year, the Historic Kingsburg Jail is located at the base of the coffee pot water tower in Downtown Park (behind the main fire station).

This plaque placed on the jail explains the history of the structure.


Every year we get thousands of visitors to our jail. Many leave comments on the cards we provide. A few:

"This is awesome. Been coming to Kingsburg since I was a young boy and had no idea this existed. Keep up the good work."---Curtis Bettencourt, Caruthers, Ca.

"A very nice diversion to our road trip."---Andrea Nuss, Lancaster, Ca.

"Thank you for operating such a unique and wonderful place."---Raymond & Jean Gaston, Venice, Ca.

"Visiting from Mexico City. Like the place. Very historical."---anonymous

"What a charming little town. Loved the Swedish pancakes here. Wandered into this place on a Sunday, as it is one of the only open places (jail). Nice historic gem. Thank you."---Victoria & Luis, Los Angeles, Ca.

"This is so cool."---Jasmine C., Delano, Ca.

"Very nice--Well done. Wish Reedley had more of this type of thing."---Lane, Reedley, Ca.

"This is an awesome jail. My sister jumped when she saw the men in the jail."---Chandler Morgan, Sacramento, Ca.

"Awesome, cool. Wanna come again!"---Marie, Claire, Maddie, Visalia, Ca.

"Cool and the wax people dress in weird clothes. The sheriff is nice."---Ava Morgan, Sanger, Ca.

"Love it! coming back with our grandkids."---Anonymous, Visalia, Ca.

"Love this! You did a wonderful job putting the jail back together. Thank you."---Cherry Shore, Los Angeles, Ca.

"Having the jail open for visitors is a great idea. People get to know the history of Kingsburg."---Rose Gonzalez, Kingsburg, Ca.

"The jail is so cool, but the two men in the cell are gonna lose their lunch to a rat! Ha ha."---Randy, Hemet, Ca.

"Kingsburg is more Swedish than Sweden! #I love k town." ---Lucille Loizer, Sweden

"Thank you! I am obcessed with Swden. I had to love it here!"---Gabriel Zirk, San Francisco, Ca.

"Kingsburg is my vacation town. So peaceful.---Allison Rash, Santa Rosa, Ca.

"Love to visit small town historical sites."---Sabeniano Family, Fontana, Ca.