Board of Directors

Gary Nelson

Vice President

Ed Morgan


Tanya Barros


Gloria Mendes

Members At Large

Janet Cabral

David Meyer

Ronald Bergman

Greg Jonsson

Richard Guestin

David Lindgren

Loretta Snedegar

Henry Garcia

Stephen Hall

Jonathan Evans

Chris Peterson


Rieffel's Store

Rieffel's Grocery Store was built with some furnishings coming from John Kramling’s Meat Market at 1398 Draper Street (corner of Draper & Marion Streets) with many more artifacts donated by the Rieffels from their business.  Their store was located at 1380 Draper Street. Kenneth and Evalena (Weise) Rieffel were grocery merchants at this location for a number of years. Later still they would have a business at 1415 Marion Street.